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Posted on: agosto 28, 2011


HAPPY 3rd Anniversary U-KISS.Thank you for exist in this music industry.Thank you for make me being a part of you family.Thank you for the amazing song.Thank you for your awesomeness.You guys had been trough a lot during this 3 years,whether is happiness o sadness.You guys are work harder to make it into #1 and i believe you guys will earn that.Never give up till the end and KISS ME always beside you guys to support 9 of you.U-KISS I LOVE YOU!!!! #3yearsofkisses


Posted on: agosto 28, 2011

This was during the Minami ATC event. While Hiroshin was translating the question, they were all looking inside their pants at the same time to check the colour.

Soohyun: Light brown. Do you want to see~~?
Fans: We want to see~~~!!
MC: In your dreams!!

Kiseop: Dark red. Raise your hand if you’re wearing the same colour~
Members: (They made Kiseop stop)

Eli: Light blue.

AJ: Black. (To the person who asked the question) Excuse me, but, are you a pervert!?

Hoon: Fluorescent yellow. They glow in the dark.

Kevin: Black. (frantic)
Soohyun: Kevin~ Are you really wearing underwear today~?
Kevin: HEY! I’m really wearing underwear today!!! (keeps looking inside his pants)
Dongho: His underwear isn’t actually black!
The joke is that it’s said Kevin never wears underwear at home.

Dongho: Mine is kind of embarassing to say…
Kiseop: Why? Are you wearing a thong?
Dongho: No! It’s because it’s pink.


lo abrazare antes de que se pueda negar…

le dire lo mucho que lo amo aunque no me entienda…

Pero habra señas que tendrá que entender…


Posted on: agosto 28, 2011


Happy 3rd Anniversary, U-Kiss! Alexander, SooHyun, Kibum, AJ, Hoon, KiSeop, Eli, Kevin and Dong Ho: Thank you for giving color and meaning to my life. Thank you for being always there for us, we promise to support you and love you until the end. 3 years have passed by, U-Kiss has experienced lots of tough challenges, yet these boys still stay strong and do their best to make us happy.

I have lost words to say. Well, words aren’t enough to express my love for U-Kiss. I admit that I wasn’t there from the start (I mean their debut) but I promise to love you guys until the end. I will never cheat on you guys, I promise. U-Kiss, you are the only group I love this much, the group I can’t live without. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, U-KISS. Happy 3 Years of Kisses!

No matter what happens, I’ll never get tired and give up on loving you. You guys are my everything. I LOVE YOU INFINITELY, U-KISS. ♥


Posted on: agosto 28, 2011


U-Kiss’ debut stage (on M!Countdown)

cr. (upload) : airenexP @ youtube

3 years ago on this date (Aug 28)



Q: What were your feelings about having the photoshoot outside?

can i steal you and keep you in my pocket for e v e r


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Posted on: agosto 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary UKISS! Hope you guys will become more successful in the future ^^

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