Posted on: junio 4, 2011

U-Kiss, who has enjoyed great popularity in Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, China, and the Philippines, will now begin their expansion into Japan. U-Kiss’s agency, NH Media, revealed on June 4th through a press release, “U-Kiss has signed a contract with Japan’s largest agency, Avex, and will begin their advance into Japan.”

U-Kiss has been receiving love calls from Avex and other Japanese agencies since last year and finally signed a contract with the Avex in June. The base of their full-fledged activities will be in Osaka and are currently preparing for their Japanese debut.

Their debut has been in the talks since late last year and it has been pre-planned for their activities to not only include Japan, but other Asian countries. U-Kiss’s most recent Korean album “0330” will be released a Japanese licensed version on August 24th.

Following the release of the Japanese licensed version of “0330,” U-Kiss will release a major debut Japanese single in December with their first national Japan tour and concert album taking place next year.

Avex said that they will be giving U-Kiss their full support in their Japanese advancement.

Meanwhile, Avex’s annual revenues exceedes 100 billion yen (1.25 million USD) in Japan and is one of Japan’s largest agency. Top Japanese singers that are part of the agency includes Ayumi Hamasaki, EXILE, and Koda Kumi, as well as Korea’s BoA and TVXQ.

Source: Newsen

omg!!! great news!! =D



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